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Maze Hunter 3D

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Maze Hunter 3D
Nathan Jones
Chris Jackson
Golden Inca Chest
About the game:
Maze Hunter 3D is an action adventure and puzzle game. The game has two planned game modes the story and explorer mode.

In the story mode, the player will play the role of the main protagonist Nathan A. Jones, III. Nathan is a very well-known archaeologist. He discovered and solved some of the world's most difficult and challenging mysteries such as Stonehenge to the Maya calendar. However on this adventure, Nathan is searching for ancient artifacts. As Nathan, you will travel the world and visit different locations Giza Pyramids in Egypt to Rome in his quest to find the lost ancient artifacts.
Locations planned are:
  • America
  • Egypt
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • The United Kingdom

Each location will have 3 different mazes to solve.

More information about both Story Mode and Explorer Mode below.

Upcoming update: Stroy Mode

Main protagonist/character: Nathan A Jones, III a World-renowned Archaeologist
Developing Story:

Nathan a world-renowned archaeologist. He was born in 1976. His background: In 2001, Nathan made his first major archaeological find, he discovered an ancient text scrolls that predated the Red Sea Scrolls. These scrolls decribed in detail about how the Maya’s built their temples and the truth behind their calendar. Nathan and his colleagues spent many years researching and analyzed the scrolls for more clues.

In 2005, Nathan discovered the meaning behind Stonehenge. In 2009, Nathan cracked the missing link to the Maya calendar. And in the summer of 2011, Nathen discovered the reason behind the landing strips at the Nazca Plateau. Finally, in September 2011, Nathan discovered that the main reason for the end of the Maya calendar. He discovered that it didn't mean the end of the world, but an activation of the ancient artifacts that the aliens left behind centuries ago.

Nathan and his colleagues have spent the last few years researching and searching the globe for these artifacts. His friend and research partner Chris Jackson deciphered the last scroll. From the cryptic message, he discovered the locations of the ancient alien artifacts. In the scroll, Chris learned the artifacts are hidden in mazes, and they have to be solved in order to unlock the artifacts. Nathan is ready to set off on his journey to find and add the artifacts to his personal collection.

Nathan starts his quest to become The Maze Hunter!
Explorer Mode: Now availiable in the Windows Store!

You're stuck in a maze with a race against time to find the hidden chest.

Maze Hunter 3D is an action/adventure puzzle maze game that will challenge you to avoid traps and find the hidden chest in the quest to complete the maze. The fun part is you have a time limit to find the chest.

Maze Hunter 3D has been completly redesigned and updated to add new gameplay mechanics. The updated version adds a new game mode "Explorer". In explorer mode, there're three mazes sizes small, medium, and hard. Each maze size has their own challenges.

Play Explorer: You'll adventure and explore though randomly generated mazes to locate the hidden chest to progress to the next maze. However, there're three different difficultly levels you can play.  

  • Small map (easy): This maze you have 2-minute to find the hidden chest to successfully complete the maze.
  • Medium map (normal): A bigger map that adds a new challenge. Not only there a 5-minute time limit, but the chest is locked, and you must find the key to open it  to successfully complete the maze.. You can find power-up located within this map.
  • Large map (Hard): A much larger maze with a new challenge. There're NO power-ups! You will need to use your coins if you choose to buy power-ups because none are found hidden in the maze. You're have 8-minute to find the key and the chest to successfully complete the maze.

Power-ups: coin, extend time, reveal key locations.

More is planned multiplayer and story mode.

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