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John Lisenby Software
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PC Restore and Recovery is a productivity App for everyone in which you are giving directions on how to perform a factory recovery/restore.  Sometimes by doing a resetting your computer back to factory settings, most issues can be fixed many issues such as virus and issues with Windows.  Also included, directions on how to make a backup/Restore from tools built into Microsoft Windows.

Why pay an overpriced computer technician to perform an erase and reinstall (Recovery and Restore) on your computer. Most computer this action can be down with just a few click of a button that YOU can be perform yourself and saving you money.

Today’s newer computers come with a hidden factory recovery partition that stores operating system (OS). This partition stores all the files for reloading Windows and settings that was set by the factory when the computer was built, you can access with a few button or a combination of buttons. With built-in tools supplied by Microsoft in Windows Vista/7/8 you can create back up images of your hard drive and restore your system from them.

Please note: Those actions will only work if your hidden factory recovery partition is not damaged such as from deletion.

Also included, manufactures contact information for support or to order recovery media if your recovery partition is damaged.  Added directions on how to upgrade to Windows 10 via updated or downloaded ISO. New directions on how to downgrade back to previous operating system (Windows 7 or 8).

Developed in Visual Studios Xaml / C# in 2015
John Lisenby Software
John Lisenby Software is a small indie game development studio that creates ententaining games for Android,  Windows 10, and Xbox.
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