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Very good game mhm it is very good.
Five stars!
John Lisenby Software
John Lisenby Software
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DriverLance is a very challenging and fun game where the player has to make it to the end of the track. Sounds easy, but the challenge is to reach the checkpoints and avoid falling rocks without taking too much damage. You can find power-ups within the track that can increases the car’s health to speed boost.

Earn in-game coins that are used to buy unlocks such as faster cars with higher hit points. More cars and tracks will be added in upcoming releases.

DriverLance can be played with Xbox game controller, keyboard, or touch controls*.

*Enable touch controls via the setting options in the Main Menu.

Product decription to come soon.

Currently, Driverlance is unavailable. Update to come that will include Xbox Live enabled features soon!
Developed in Unity 3D in C#
John Lisenby Software
John Lisenby Software is a small indie game development studio that creates ententaining games for Android,  Windows 10, and Xbox.
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